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Bloody hell...every time I try to use a background from on my LJ, the next day it always disappears...figures that great work cannot be used.

This morning while I was in bed, pretending that I was about to get up, a little voice whispered in my head, "Raina-San, you don't have to get up, sweet little grasshopper, you can sleep allll dayyyy..."
And I said, "Wish I could, but...*whimper* I have to go to school..."

My life's motto is No Regrets, No Exceptions. But damn...I regret getting up this morning.

Celeste, beautiful host of Pool Party of the Year #1, called all of her invites last night to remind them of her shindig. Meanwhile, no word yet from Kevin, host of Pool Party #2, which will be, knowing guys, in his basement wrestling. Geesh.
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